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Tips to scoring big on next archery elk hunting expedition

At Big Horn Outfitters, we realize the importance of being well versed in New Mexico elk hunting and bear and antelope hunts. In New Mexico, archery elk hunting is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding hunts you can experience. However, this type of hunt can be very arduous and oftentimes frustrating.

Before you head out on your next endeavor, though, here’s a list of tips to follow to ensure your next hunt will be a success.

If you are on a guided hunt, you will likely be doing a lot of calling. In many instances, you will be 50 to 70 yards in front of your caller.

  • Many times the setups will happen very quickly, so you will need to position yourself within shooting lanes and adequate cover.
  • It is very important to be able to turn 45 degrees in either direction so your draw and shot are not impeded by your cover.
  • Don’t set up so close to a tree that you are unable to make an acceptable shot.
  • A bull retrieving toward a call is on full alert, scanning for cows. Any movement will be noticed, so limit your movement as much as possible.
  • Occasionally, but slowly, look at your caller because he or she can alert you if a bull is coming from a different direction and, as a result, can motion you to switch positions.
  • If you’re in thick cover with limited lanes, draw before it exits the cover.
  • If you have spotty cover and wide lanes, draw as soon as you see its vitals.

Many times hunters make the mistake of wanting a perfect shot (right behind the shoulder). Elk have a very large kill zone, so it is best to shoot about 6 inches behind the shoulder, eliminating the chance of hitting the front shoulder.

Peruse our You Tube channel for this exceptional New Mexico elk hunt.

Abiding by these basic tips will not only help you become more successful on your next hunt, but it will also maximize your results. For more information, visit Big Horn Outfitters or contact us here.

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